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chaalogo 40x39CHAA Facebook PageSt Philip's is a founder member of the Christian HIV/AIDS Alliance.

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The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Philip & St James' Odd Down, Bath and Wells, is a registered charity No: 1131533

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We held a fabulous "Victory Party" on a Sunday afternoon 8th May to celebrate VE day. It was packed with lots of newcomers. children, about it families, page older and younger people. As well as VE day we celebrated our Victory in Christ!

St Philip's held their AGM on Sunday 17th April, celebrating the year as well as voting for a full complement of PCC members and Churchwardens. God is good indeed - take a look at the video to see how God graciously led us last year!
It was a sunny Easter Sunday in Lahore and the city's Christian population picnicked and played in a nearby park; their children on rides and swings. Then, without warning, a blast tore through the park, killing indiscriminately. Many of those injured were women and children. But the suicide attack, intentionally targeting Christians killed at least 69 people. Can Bath churches help? Yes we can. See St Philip's on ITV news.
Easter Day at St Philip's was a fantastic day of joy and thanksgiving to God for all he has done for us through Christ. The Easter Choir brought us inspiration and here's their last song; Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus". Well done everyone!
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St Philip's church gives Bibles to all the schoolchildren of St Philips school jointly with the school. Shown here - the presentation day in St Philip's school and the glad looking children!

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