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St Philip's Autumn Bazaar was a great hit in the community of Odd Down. Lot's of people joined us and we were able to hit our target for local work with "Cutting Edge Ministries" match funding and doubling the total. Well done everyone!

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All Saints' Day was ushered in with a spectacular Light Party at St Philip and St James Church, Bath. With lots of guests, there was plenty of fun, food and thinking about what it takes to be a saint!

St Philip's sent a mission team to Hyderabad in India to speak at a "Holy Convocation"; 21-24 Oct. The conference drew in over 3,000 people including many Pastors. Team was; Rev Alan Bain, Nigel White, Jean Catchpool, Gill Skuse. See the video to catch a flavour of the mission.
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Harvest Festival was celebrated in style at St Philips with a great family service harvest festival and an afternoon harvest supper. What a feast of worship, fun and food!  

josh 2 Small   see see geneva;">Joshua Ssali wedded his sweetheart Betty in Uganda on 12th September. Our Vicar Alan was at the wedding and you can see more pictures on our Facebook site.

Just click the button on the left! Congratulations to Joshua and Betty!

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