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A team of five from St Philips spent a weekend visiting our linked church in Vsetin in the east of the Czech Republic on the Slovak border. The church there has helped us with our holiday clubs and the Ukraine English camps over the last 4 years. The team were Alan, Jim, Sue, Jenny and Gill.  

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St Philips hosted 6 visitors from our Czech Republic partnership over the weekend of 13th July who reported on progress made with the Uganda guesthouse. Also joining them on Sunday, information pills Qamar gave a stirring report on St Philips work in Pakistan amongst the Peshawar suicide bomb victims.

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16 new members were welcomed into the fellowship of St Philips this week at a welcome BBQ held in the Vicarage garden. A lovely warm evening gave the perfect backdrop to a warm welcome to the church!

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Over the next seven weeks, stuff we will be studying John’s Gospel as a whole church. There is a different topic each week which we will cover in our services and then use the leaflet to read through the relevant verses for that week. Please use it to guide your daily readings, pharm to discuss in housegroups and engage with at Sunday services.  You can download the leaflet here

Easter bus 2014  

The Easter Bus toured the streets of Odd Down once again! 3,200 Easter eggs and flyers went out to 2,500 homes together with 16 large posters scattered around the community. We knocked on 2,000 doors telling the whole community about the good news of Jesus' resurrection the first Easter.

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