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St Philip's church are involved in a project to help re-build a youth centre in Zhdenijevo in Western Ukraine. Here's the latest news about the project - direct from the Ukraine!


The St Philip's Ukraine camp team were invited back to Svaljava in the Ukraine to  celebrate Christmas with them. Only one difference - In the Ukraine, Christmas is  celebrated on January 7th! The video is dedicated to all our friends in the Ukraine, thanking them for their warm hospitality.

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Over eighty members of St Philip's went on the Parish Weekend at Sidholme in May. Our theme was "A new heaven and a New Earth" led by our South African partners Tommy and Pat Solomons. We had a great blessing from God!

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St Philip's hosted a team from the Ukraine for a week in early May. The team of nine from are part of the "English Camp" our church has helped run in the Ukraine for the last six years in Svalyava, Western Ukraine.

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St Philip and St James Church is working together with the Amin family to erect a monument to Sam Amin and others who have died in the River Avon. If you would like to contribute to the fund click here. 

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