At this year's half term Holiday Club we're looking at "IT'S CREATION - God put me in here".


We went through the vines into the jungle and met our presenters Grant and Bec.  Today we learnt about creation when God made light, the universe and the earth. We also met the celebrity David from the Bible. There was lots of fun including a big jigsaw game, puzzles, trials and aerobics.  We are winning points for our teams and putting them on out points trees.  We also made the garden of Eden in a box and started our creation circles. 


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It was our second day and we had to wake up Bec who had been sleeping in the jungle.  Today we learnt about creation when God created animals - we watched a video of funny animals too. We also acted out the story of another Bible  celebrity called Moses.  As well as all the usual fun we did some trials where we had to pick out stars from boxes filled with some yucky stuff whilst blindfolded. In our craft time we made some amazing animal crafts and spent some more time on our creation circles. 


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Today we found out about when God created animals and mankind. We learnt about our celebrity couple Adam & Eve and acted out the story of creation in our teams. In our craft sessions we made creation pictures and then made animals out of clay. We also finished off our creation circles and showed them to the other teams. We were voting all week for one person to be gunged and Grant was chosen. It's been a great week and we look forward to Sunday's Holiday Club Service at 10.30am. 


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