The theme for the Holiday Club in 2013 was Adventure Cruise.




Today we met Stu and Sue who are sailing the big ship while the captain is away. Sue taught us some new songs including the Theme Song. The Deputy Mayor of Bath came to say hello and tell us about some of the crew who are from the Czech Republic. We also met the Watt family helped save the captain from the pirates and were given a free cruise, but grandma got captured. Today we looked at the 'C' of choice and how we make good choices and some of us chose put our hands in green gunge. We made a fish game, played some fun games and met Bert and Lenny - two funny puppets.



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It was our second day of the Adventure Cruise and we were looking at the 'C' of Call. We saw the Watt family who discovered there were pirates on board their ship who captured grandma and wont let her go unless they get the captains briefcase. Our story was about when the disciples called out to Jesus in the boat and they helped him. In our craft sessions everyone made a colourful octopus and we worked our building our boats. We also made lots of fishy pictures to stick on the nets on the boat.





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On our third day our Adventure Cruise we were on the 'C' of Change. We had great fun when we gunged the naughty band of pirates. We sang lots of songs and even one in the Czech language. Our story was about Zacchaeus who was changed when he met Jesus. We finished off our boats and showed them to the other teams. Sailor Stu totted up the points and the Mayflower won in the Infants and the Cutty Sark for the Juniors. The Watt family tried to save grandma but the pirates made off with the captain’s briefcase.




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At our special family service we were on the 'C' of Challenge. We sang some songs, made faces out of paper plates and watched a video of the week. We also found out what happened to the Watt family when Grandma was captured by pirates. Rick said Grandma had passed him a note when the pirates took the briefcase - the note told them the pirates would be at the evening ball so the captain hired security guards (dressed as women) to catch them. It worked and they got the briefcase and Grandma back.





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