Sunday14th October 2012


P1040684 SmallToday we took the church service and saw a tremendous move of the Spirit in Litomysl church. I shared from the conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch and how Philip had little to offer this powerful official except the Gospel. It’s similar to us when we go out on mission.


Gill and Tim also shared in the service and many people came up to us and shared how they were very moved by the testimony and words.


Over harvest lunch we listened to the personal story from a German speaking Czech who was repatriated in the Sudetenland after the war (shown here with german lady SmallGill) and who’s husband who was a Pastor for 40 years under the communists faced much persecution during the days of the Communists. Once again we were struck by how little we have had to endure with our own walk in Christ. It’s quite ironic that today after counting the votes from yesterday’s election in the Czech Republic the Communists have the largest vote. The retired Pastor said, “ We never learn our lesson.” Many here are very concerned with what the vote means for the future.


In the afternoon we were joined by mission director Daniel Hezjlar
and Petr who leads the Czech team in the joint summer Ukraine camp that we run together. We spoke about the different work we had done in mission as a church but being careful on time chose just two countries to speak about. It was enough and we had lots of time for questions.


Tonight is our last night and we will be sorry to leave. We have so many good friends here and they have welcomed us in like their own family.


Tomorrow we go to Nachod where we led a mission earlier in the year. Everyone is so keen to meet us again and it’s like being with old friends. 


13th October 2012

P1040632 Small

Hello everyone.


Thank you for your prayers for the mission team in Northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. 

Tim, Gill and I are working with the Cirkve Bratske group of churches church in Litolmysl very near the Polish border. Our role is to envision the church for world mission and make new links with them. 
Jana Mackova, (shown left) who went to India with me earlier in the year with a Czech team is leading the mission weekend and we have been joined by the others who went to India from Nachod church 70 miles  away, where we also took a mission team earlier in the year. On top of that a member of the Czech/Ukraine/English mission and English Camp is also here along with the Cirkve Bratske mission director Daniel Hezjlar. 
Tim and friends SmallLast night we took the youth group with both Gill and Tim testifying to the mission they have been involved in over the years and the difference it has made. It was amazing to see slides of Tim when he was in his early 20's going out to Zagreb to help in the war in Croatia and Gills account of being in her 30's on the West Bank of Palestine during the first Intefada of the early 1990's. It makes you realise what a wealth of  mission experience we have built up as a church. The youth group warmed to the idea of becoming involved in mission and we left with high hopes for them.
This afternoon we visited a Moravian Brethren museum and saw the impact Moravian missionaries had on the world during the late 1700's. Its incredibly moving to  now be taking that same mission back to them 300 years later and motivating them to do again what their brethen did to the world so long ago. 
Saturday evening we joined together with the Czech-India team and spoke of our now, joint ,mission links in India. The whole evening was very moving for the church here with many questions.
youth SmallThe Czech Republic remains the most secular country in Europe ravaged by  many different armies over the centuries and still struggling now as it comes out from the suffocating  cloak of Communism that did the country and its people so much damage.

Pray for us for Sunday as we take a church day devoted to world mission. I will preach on Sunday morning drawing in the others and then after a church lunch the whole afternoon will be devoted to how to motivate Litomysl  church into world mission.
We feel very much in the will and plan of God as we take this opportunity on behalf of you all.
Alan, Tim and Gill.