Email received Monday 13 February 2012 from Alan Bain

We all met up in Dubai on schedule and the mission is well underway. We were catapulted straight into a Baptism service with me baptising seven candidates within hours of landing. It was exuberant and refreshing and I took them on a sermon journey into the meaning of Baptism before carrying it out with the Pastor Rufus.

It’s uncanny to be working with the Czech team. One member (Daniel's sister in law) is the daughter of a couple I worked with in the Czech republic in 1991 who were then dissidents - only we have just made the connection. Three are from Nachod, the church where we will be taking a mission team after Easter. It’s all going remarkably well and Daniel Hejzlar begins our day with prayer and a talk from the Bible which sets down the agenda for the day.

Rupus the Pastor here presses home the uncannyness even further as he is the image of his brother William who runs the Indian Christian Fellowship in St Philip's Manna House on Sunday night. William has rung me here to check it’s alright.

The church here has embraced us with open arms and it feels like I’ve not stopped preaching and enjoyed every minute of it. The team went off to three other churches today (Sunday) and I remained at the main church with the two female Czech members of the team. They worked with me in the young people’s group and also laid on a teaching session for the ladies of the church. The food is as good, tasty and hot as ever with plenty of it, as we are enjoying our warm fellowship with our Indian hosts.

It feels a very much God-given mission with plenty of opportunities to share the word, which is being done very powerfully, and we are seeing plenty of anointing from the Holy Spirit. Tomorrow we visit the AIDS project run by ACET. Karuna from South India has spoken with me on the phone and has arranged our transport down to Madurai in Tuesday night. So far it’s all looking very good.

Thanks for all your prayers. Alan