Boxing Day Walk


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The Boxing Day Walk went off without a hitch in the most beautiful countryside down to the tiny village of Englishcombe. A cup of tea in the Old School House was most welcome as we set off towards Kilkenny lane across the open fields.


Young People's Christmas Meal


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St Philip's Pathfinder and CYFA groups hosted a Christmas meal for nearly 50 young people. The meal ended with Youth leader Tony Cook giving a powerful Christian testimony of how God had changed his life. 

Carols by Candlelight


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St Philip's Carol Service on Sunday 16th December was a great celebration of traditional Carols and readings together with a choir as we rediscovered the "Wonder of Christmas". The halls were lit by candelight amongst the 20 decorated trees from the Christmas Tree Festival. Listen to the service here

Carol Bus on route 


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St Philip's Carol Bus has been on the streets of Odd Down once again this year in the run-up to Christmas  covering most of the parish. The is also going to St Barnabas in Southdown and the Christian Believers Fellowship in London.

Christmas Tree Festival

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 St Philip's Christmas Tree Festival was held on Saturday 8th December when over 20 local businesses and community groups exhibited their personal Christmas trees. The trees remain in the church until after Christmas.


Paralympic Torch Bazaar


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What a fabulous "Paralympic Torch" Bazaar we held on 17th November with lots of fun and food. Thanks to the CBF Indian church for some excellent Birriani and to all who contributed to make the day such a success. The funds raised will go to support disabled people in India, The Bishop Bexell orphanage in India and Act for Africa.

Tommy & Pat back in Bath


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Tommy and Pat Solomons from South Africa are with us this week. Tommy has preached on Sunday at both services and the couple  shared about their church in Elsies River, Cape Town, where we have had a link for almost 20 years.

Mission in Czech Republic 2012


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The staff team, Alan, Tim and Gill  led a mission in Litomysl church in the Czech Republic in October 2012. They   shared about our mission vision and made new links to facilitate more sharing of ministry with St Philip's in the future.  Read more here.

Baptised & Confirmed!


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Six members of St Philip's were confirmed at a moving confirmation service led by Bishop Peter Maurice of Taunton in September 2012. Congratulations to Anna Moss, Rosie Cook, Jackie Smith, Jay Cook, Harry Cook and Michelle Wynes. Jackie Smith was also baptised. Well done all!

Ukraine English Camp 2012 


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A team of four from St Philips ran an "English Camp" in Svalyava, Ukraine in August. Alan Bain, Scott Joyce, Tina Joyce and Gill Skuse joined an international team of 14 Czechs and members of Svalyava Baptist church for the camp which drew in up to 70 children young people and parents.  For details on their progress see here.


Team in Uganda


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A group of mixed aged people went to Uganda in July to help with the projects at Kira Farm and Glenburnie Butega School. 

 New Windows 2012

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The long awaited new church windows have been fitted. All the single glazed external windows and doors have been replaced with double glazed units with an aluminium section to preserve heat in the building. The funding has mainly been provided by a BIFFA Award with 10% from our Jubilee Fund. 

Parish Weekend 2012


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Many agreed the Parish Weekend in May was one of the best yet! 75 members of all ages attended the St Philips Parish weekend in glorious mid-Wales. Cefn Lea Park was an idyliic setting for worship, teaching and lots of fun in wonderful accomodation. Speaker Kelvin led us in a thoughtful look at renewing our life in Christ, and we look forward to the next weekend together! 

 Mission to Nachod 2012 - Czech Republic

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 A team of seven (Gill, Tim, Imi, Jean, Anna, Alan, Rosie) from St Philip's travelled to Nachod in the Czech Republic in April on mission to the church there. Whilst there, they led a church day, as well as young people's and older people's meetings, and shared about the global mission of St Philip's church. They also visited local schools and spent time with church members.

 India joint mission with Czechs 2012

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Rev Alan Bain with Jim Davis left and Daniel Hejzlar from the Czechg team in India.
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 Alan Bain, Jim Davis and a team from the Czech Republic joined together for a mission to India in February. They visited churches and HIV projects in Hyderabad as well as met our partners in Pudukkottai and the Bishop Bexell Orphanage.

 Olly's Olympic Holiday Club 2012

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 Olly's Olympic Holiday Club was in half term with a Family Service on Sunday 19 February at 10.30am. There was lots of fun and activities each day all on an Olympic theme - to see what happened click here

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