Our Holiday Club in February 2012 was Olly's Olympic Holiday Club.  Here's what happened...




Today we met Olly and his assistant Pixie - we call them Olly 'n' Pix. Pixie taught us some new songs including the Theme Song about being fit enough. We also met the Watt family who found out that Granny Watt was going to be their new sports coach. We played games with coach Dave and made our own Olympic torches. We also discoved some new friends Bert and Lucy - two funny puppets. What a fun day it was too.



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We started with our theme song and now everybody knows the actions. Pixie was on a treadmill telling us how she likes to stay fit even when others tell her to give up. We warmed up with Coach Dave and played some running games. We found out that Granny Watt won lots of sports trophies but her best moment was when she came last because she helped someone else. We watched a mini movie of David and Goliath - David didn't give up when he faced a big task.



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The team managers had a race today but the Infant's team cheated.  We learnt that it's not good to cheat but we should be good sports. The Watt family found that Mabel the Terrible had stolen their boots so it was going to be hard in the schools competition. For our craft session we drew around our hands and made banners. We also finished off our Olympic stadia before they were judged by Olly and Pixie.



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