Past Events

Jesse Small  

Jesse Masri from the Lebanon has been helping out at St Philip's for the last six weeks. Friend of Lebanese church members, Nigel and Annette White, Jesse speaks fluent Arabic and English and is an accomplished artist. Her work can be seen in the new Christmas banner about to go up on the tower - and for her amazing animals in the newly decorated Creche. Jesse said, "I've really enjoyed my time helping at St Philip's and seeing a new culture."

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The Autumn Bazaar was a huge success with lots of new and old visitors. Many thanks to all who helped out with food, stalls, games and hall management. Much appreciated! All the proceeds will go towards helping Tommy and Pat Solomons as we extend the pastors house in Elsies River Cape Town. 

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Resident St Philip's artist Laurence Tindall, who carved the Loaves and Fishes sculpture at the church door,  explained about his latest creation "Svetlana" in church on October 13th. Svetlana is the Orthodox church name for the Samaritan woman at the well. The Slavic name means light or shining and indicates holiness.

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Twenty children and adults from St Philip's spent a week in August at the Frontier Youth Camp near Cleethorpes. They took part as campers, team helpers, musicians, speakers, leaders and cooks. Over 60 children were at the camp from Glasgow, Liverpool, Hull and Bath. they had a fun week of activities as well as learning about God's story.

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St Philip's Church members, Revd Hugh Mackay and Annie Coleman tied the knot in style at St Philip's on 20th July. 


Hugh and Annie are moving to Devon and we all join together in wishing them well.