Past Events

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information pills geneva;">A roasting day for our summer picnic on shop geneva;">Sunday 21st July brought over 60 church members to the church picnic. Held in the stunning scenery of Chew Valley lake - a good time was had by all, ending with a Communion Service on the lakeside. 


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On 29th June the young people from Pathfinders and CYFA put on an evening of entertainment linked with a quiz. Thirteen teams took part in the quiz and between rounds the young people provided a mix of song and dance and explained how it related to their faith. The event raised £255 to support the Golden Oldies charity.


Our Spring Fair on Saturday 18th May was a great success and lots of fun, there drawing in many people from the local community with lots to do.  Thanks to everyone who gave their time to raise money to support Tommy & Pat Solomons in South Africa.

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We have now fixed Biblical quotes to our Bible Climbing Wall. Now you can read verses as you traverse and build up your spiritual strength as well as physical strength as you climb.


Why not try it out for yourself this Sunday after the service? You are never too old!

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Our friends in the Czech team from Nachod have installed running water to Victoria's school in Uganda and the local village. Working with local people the team have dug a well installed a pump and tank tower and transformed the local community in Mityana by bring fresh water to them.