Past Events

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St Philip's Pathfinder and CYFA groups hosted a Christmas meal for nearly 50 young people. The meal ended with youth leader Tony Cook giving a powerful Christian testimony of how God had changed his life. 

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St Philip's Carol service on Sunday 16th December was a great celebration of traditional carols and readings together with a choir as we rediscovered the "Wonder of Christmas". The halls were lit by candelight amongst the 20 decorated trees from the Christmas Tree Festival. Take a look at the photos here! Listen to the service here

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St Philip's Christmas Tree Festival was held on Saturday 8th December when over 20 local businesses and community groups exhibited their personal Christmas trees. The trees are remaining in the church until after Christmas so those using the halls can still view them - or just come into the church office if you would like to see them

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Six members of St Philip's were confirmed at a moving confirmation service led by Bishop Peter Maurice of Taunton. Congratulations to Anna Moss, Rosie Cook, Jackie Smith, Jay Cook, Harry Cook and Michelle Wynes. Jackie Smith was also baptised. Well done all!

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The long awaited new church windows were fitted in August 2012. The windows are double glazed with an aluminium section to preserve heat in the building. The funding has been provided by a BIFFA Award.