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All agreed it was one of the best yet! 75 members of all ages attended the St Philip's Parish weekend in glorious mid-Wales. Cefn Lea Park was an idyliic setting for worship, teaching and lots of fun in wonderful accomodation. Speaker Kelvin led us in a thoughtful look at renewing our life in Christ, and we look forward to the next weekend together!

Church member Yvonne Conroy prepares to set off from St Philips Bath in the Easter bus Medium  

The Easter Bus has travelled around the streets of Odd Down in the week leading up to Easter and in Sainsbury's car park on Easter Saturday. With the bus 1250 Easter gift packs were given out which included a colourful Easter story as well as information about the church Church member Yvonne Conroy is pictured here in the bus with the packs!

Boxing day walk cropped Large  

Our annual Boxing Day walk 2012 was a chance to enjoy some stunning scenery worthy of any Christmas card scene. The picturesque stroll to Combe Hay Church was rewarded with hot coffee and an impromptu service starring some unexpected participants:the highlight being a male voice rendition of 'Away in a Manger'.