Solar powered Evangelist MediumThe Feed in Tarriff from the 98 Solar Powered Voltaic Cells on our church roof pays the 10 hour a week part time salary for our "Solar Powered Evangelist"

Rev. Andy Stammer’s role as an Evangelist is to challenge and help the church to 'tell and show' the good news of Jesus in the community of Odd Down. 

Andy grew up in St. Philip & St. James Church and was an active member of the CYFA youth group taking part in the 1991 mission to Uganda, 1992 mission to the Philippines and local outreach at the Fosseway Community Church. He trained as a navigator in the Merchant Navy and travelled the world on a variety of ships before feeling the call to train in the ministry. In 2009, Andy became the Pastor at Radstock Baptist Church where he served for four years.

Andy and his wife Suzanne, who grew up on Odd Down, have always kept their links with St. Philip’s and are delighted to be working in the Odd Down community.  Andy is passionate about telling and showing the good news of Jesus and has a real love for the local area. Contact Andy here.

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