Our vision

To pursue God until heaven

overflows through us.

Learn about the origin, meaning, focus and dynamics of our Vision Statement HERE.


Our primary desire is that we would behold (experience, become familiar with, see) the manifest (actual, real, not theoretical) glory (goodness and presence) of God. We believe that God created us to enjoy a life of deep intimacy with Him. We are passionate about His presence and know that cool things happen when the atmosphere of heaven fills a room. We are focussed on making St Philip’s His dwelling place.


We are family. Beloved children of God. Adopted by our Father in heaven. Brothers and sisters in Christ. Sure of our identity. Bound together by our love for one another. Growing in fellowship. We believe that the Kingdom advances through family and that Jesus will be known and honoured by our love for one another and for our community. 


We expect to be transformed by God’s presence. We know that an experience of His love through the Holy Spirit is life-changing. We believe that following Jesus is an exciting and powerful life of becoming all that He created us to be and all that He commanded us to do.

God has a plan for our lives, our church and our neighbourhood. Come and join the journey...